UCSAS is not a training agency but a training consultancy firm. We have established a firm that works in different styles with our 7 years of international experience. Our first job is to offer our partner universities which we trust in the quality of education. It will then provide students with important information such as university programs, fees, application conditions, and etc. After the student has made the decision, we will complete the university admissions procedure by collecting all the documents required for the application.

Until we graduate, we will be a company that continues our relationship even after graduation. We will provide educational counseling to our students in the form of communication with the university they study. After the student arrives at the university, we will complete all the registration procedures and then start our first process by applying orientation days to our own students. Then, we will ensure that our students attend the university’s Erasmus programs, internship, work and travel, and department-based self-development programs during the time that our students are studying, and we provide it to our parents for the promise that the students will graduate. At the same time, our student will be able to learn a foreign language every year at the university and help him to do a master’s degree after graduation. In other words, the parents coming to our company will trust us by understanding that we will direct the career of the student until graduation.

At the same time, our company will make our own orientation program by gathering students from each city in October. Another difference is that we will provide full support to our students in obtaining a residence permit, finding a dormitory or rent. Another difference in our program is the graduation day which we will do every year after 2 years.